Get more out of every marketing dollar you spend.

Triple leverages consumer spend data to deliver predictive path to purchase targeting and 100% one to one media spend attribution.

Build a better relationship with your audience.

Know what customers want before they do.

Be more confident in your marketing decisions.


customers are likely to make another purchase after receiving an incentive from a brand or retailer. 1


U.S. shoppers cite discounts and offers as important factors when deciding whether or not to purchase.2


millennial and gen x shoppers say an offer or discount is the largest factor in their purchase decisions.3

Reach your shoppers through our offer network and managed media platform.

  • Insights

    Influence shopper behavior with purchase intelligence and predictive path to purchase insights.

  • Targeting

    Leverage spend and purchase data for advanced targeting based on direct purchase categories, cohorts and lookalike audiences.

  • Offers

    Acquire new customers. Recapture lapsed and identify those at risk. Increase purchase frequency and average order value per visit with personalized offers.

What is Predictive Path to Purchase?

Our proprietary technology for insights uses machine learning algorithms to predict consumer behavior at every stage of the shopping journey from discovery through checkout, enabling brands to target them with personalized offers before they are ready to buy.

It’s all about thedata.

See all your important metrics in a single dashboard.


Run A/B tests, compare campaigns, test reward values and more.


Track ROI/ROAS on all campaigns and gain insights down to the individual shopper.


Confidently measure online-to-offline attribution with real purchase behavior. Know how you connect and convert.

We offer robust analytics and reporting tools for measuring campaign performance and omni-channel attribution.

Success Stories

  • Coffeehouse Chain


    Drove 20% lift in incremental spend per customer with offer targeted to low-frequency customers not enrolled in loyalty program.

  • Global Hotel Company


    Generated 118% lift in spend through targeted offer strategy incenting new and lapsed guests to stay at select hotel brand properties.

  • National Cosmetics Retailer


    Acquired new customers whose average lifetime value was 2x higher compared to new customers attained through other acquisition channels.

  • Home Improvement Retailer


    Employed an evergreen offer that led to 26% increase in average ticket and drove incremental revenue growth from new and existing customers.

  • Apparel Retailer


    Achieved 3.25x lift in conversions and 20x ROAS with a mobile cash back offer that drove in-store purchases and incremental revenue growth.

  • National Grocery Chain


    Leveraged digital media to drive in-store conversions from 4% to 58% and increased average basket size with a cash back offer.

  • Sports Bar


    Increased average ticket with a cash-back incentive on minimum $30 spend.

  • Fast Casual Restaurant


    Increased average ticket with a cash-back incentive on minimum $15 spend.

  • Steakhouse


    Increased average ticket with a cash-back incentive on minimum $35 spend.

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